Here we showcase all available job roles at New Road Education.

Here we showcase all available job roles at New Road Education.


MFL Teachers

We have a range of roles available for Modern Foreign Language teachers across the UK. No matter which language you teach, contact us.  more  

Humanities teachers

We have vacancies for a range of humanities roles, including history geography, RE, citizenship and sociology.  more  

PE teachers

Are you a newly qualified PE teacher looking for a role that suits you? New Road Education are here to help  more  

Computer Science Teachers

We have a range of computer science teaching vacancies so you can find the roles you are looking for in convenient locations.  more  

Science Teachers

Whether you specialise in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or in general sciences, we have a selection of roles available for Science teachers.  more  

English Teachers

Our clients are looking for specialist English teachers of all levels from primary to secondary school, so register with us today.  more  

Maths Teachers

We have a wide range of roles for maths teachers at secondary level, to help pupils have a great grounding for maths and sciences.  more  

Special Educational Needs

We are constantly on the lookout for SEN Teachers and Teaching Assistants, to fill these crucial roles across the UK.  more  

Primary School Teachers

Whether you are an ECT or a FQT specialist we can find the right short term, long term or permanent role for you.  more  

Teaching Assistants

We have a wide range of teaching assistant roles, aimed towards both new teaching assistants and experienced staff. A teaching assistant (TA) is a support staff member who works al...  more