Humanities Teachers

If you are passionate about History, Geography, RE, Citizenship and Sociology then you have come to the right place. The work of a humanities teacher involves teaching a range of subjects related to human society and culture, such as history, geography, economics, philosophy, and social studies. 

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The specific duties of a humanities teacher may vary depending on the school and grade level, but some common responsibilities include:

Developing lesson plans

Humanities teachers plan lessons that cover a range of topics, from ancient history to modern-day issues. They must ensure that their lessons align with state or national standards and meet the needs of different students.

Presenting lectures

Humanities teachers often give lessons to their students, using a variety of visual aids and other materials to help students understand complex topics.


Leading discussions

In addition to teaching, humanities teachers may also lead class discussions, encouraging students to share their thoughts and opinions about important social and cultural issues.

Creating assignments

Humanities teachers develop homework assignments, projects, and other activities that help reinforce key concepts and allow students to apply what they have learned.

Marking student work

Humanities teachers must evaluate student work, providing feedback and assigning grades that accurately reflect each student's level of understanding.

Collaborating with colleagues

Humanities teachers often work with other teachers and staff members to develop curriculum, plan field trips, and organise special events. 


Staying current

You will be expected to stay up-to-date on new research, resources, and teaching techniques in their field.

Overall, the work of a humanities teacher is focused on helping students develop an understanding and appreciation of human society and culture, while also preparing them for success in the future.


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