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Helping with your continual professional development

If you are looking to apply for a new TA or teaching role, or change direction in your career, we have a range of courses and qualifications available to you. Our CPD courses for teachers and CPD courses for Teaching Assistants are provided in partnership with CPD Online, who provide recognised and well-designed courses in a huge range of vocations and specialist teaching, TA and SEN areas.

Specialist courses to help you improve your employability

We specialise in providing courses for Special Educational Needs, which is one of the most in demand areas, and has one of the most promising ratios of applicants to roles available. With our CPD courses for teachers and CPD courses for Teaching Assistants, you can maintain a flexible approach and meet the demands of the ever-changing educational sector in full.










Safeguarding Children level 2

 £20+ VAT  View Course

This course is perfect for anyone that works around children as it is important to have a detailed knowledge of how to safeguard them from harm. The units cover all pieces of legislation that relate to safeguarding children as well as also looking at the types of abuse a child can suffer.


Safeguarding Children Level 3 (Designated Officer course)

£49+ VAT  View Course

This course is designed for people who work around children and need a strong knowledge of safeguarding. This course goes further into safeguarding procedure and the ways in which you should tackle suspected abuse to safeguard children from future harm.



Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) Level 2

£20 + VAT  View Course

This course is designed for people who are working with vulnerable adults and teaches the skills needed to safeguard people that are at higher risk of abuse. Legislation regarding vulnerable adults, mental capacity and responding to disclosures will all be covered in the course.

The equality and diversity course is perfect for managers and supervisors to help make sure that they put the best practice into place in the working environment. Equality and diversity training helps to reduce the occurrence of discrimination and to make sure everyone from any walk of life is treated equally and fairly.


This course will help you to have a better understanding of autism including what autism is and how to spot signs and symptoms. We will then go onto look at getting a diagnosis as an adult and how it is different to a diagnosis for a child.

It is important for people who work with children to know how they can support children who have mental health difficulties. This Children's Mental Health course will give you an insight into the different types of mental health difficulties common in children and how to help young people through these.



 Adolescent Mental Health

£20+ VAT  View Course

This course will explore who is classed as being an adolescent and will review the UK statistics in relation to adolescent mental health. We will also explore the impact that Covid-19 had in relation to this topic, while also introducing why it's important to support all adolescents with mental health

This course will help you to understand ADHD better, it will look at the possible factors that could cause a child to have ADHD, the assessment that children can have if it is suspected they have ADHD and the support for them and their family after a diagnosis. We will also look at ADHD in adults and why it can be harder to diagnose.



Supporting Children with Speech, Language & Communication

£20+ VAT  View Course

The Supporting Children with Speech Language and Communication course is suitable for parents, social workers, TA's  and teachers. You will gain a detailed insight into the reasons why speech, language and communication are so important and how we use them and some of the difficulties children can experience/face.


 This course will give you a greater knowledge on understanding bullying in children. You will learn why bullying happens, how to support children that are being bullied, as well as the ways to prevent bullying. This course will also cover the elements set out by Ofsted to assess how schools should be evidencing their anti-bullying policies.


More CPD courses for teachers will be posted here in the upcoming months. Contact our helpful team to book a course or enquire about our range of Continual Professional Development options.